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Litchfield High School’s 30 Year Class Reunion

This page contains information for the 1988 Class of Litchfield High School’s 30 year class reunion.

Dates and Events

Note: This is Litchfield Watercade Weekend.

Friday, July 13, 2018

This is the main gathering of classmates (and significant others).   The event will be casual. Come join us for for appetizers and drinks while we mingle, dance, and listen to a great band!

Location: Peter’s on the Lake
405 W Pleasure Dr
Litchfield, MN 55355

Time: TBD

Cost: TBD

RSVP: Pay online via PayPal.

Saturday, July 14, 2018 – Family Fun Lake Party

Location: Lake Washington

Time: TBD

Cost: FREE


Saturday, July 14, 2018 (evening)

Litchfield Street Dance (Details TBD)

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Photos – Then and Now

Have any good photos you would like share with classmates?  If so, email them to NEED EMAIL ADDRESS: or upload them to this folder:  goo.gl/Ed6mq6


Jason Mierhoffer is putting together a memorial for classmates that have passed.  If you have special photos of memories you would like to share, you can contact Jason via email at Jlivesinaz@gmail.com.


Contact Nancy Nelson (Konietzko) nkkonietzko@gmail.com with questions.

Just for Fun: In case you can’t remember 1988

1988 News & Events

  1. Eighteen-month-old Jessica McClure is rescued from a well, where she’d been trapped for 58 hours. The drama is watched by millions on television.
  2. 10/19/87 was the largest stock-market drop in Wall Street history occurred on “Black Monday”, October 19, 1987, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 508.32 points, losing 22.6% of its total value. That fall far surpassed the one-day loss of 12.9% that began the great stock market crash of 1929 and foreshadowed the Great Depression.
  3. US budget reaches the trillion dollar mark.
  4. Gary Hart scandal with model Donna Rice destroys his career.
  5. World Population reaches 5 billion.
  6. Iran-Contra defendants John Poindexter and Oliver North are indicted on charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States.
  7. Soviet Union announces it will withdraw troops from Afghanistan, which will end the nine year old conflict.
  8. The Defense Attache of the U.S. Embassy in Greece was killed when a car bomb was detonated outside his home in Athens.
  9. The Navy’s U.S.S. Vincennes mistakenly shoots down an Iranianairliner killing 290 people.
  10. Long Island beaches close due to medical waste coming ashore.
  11. Iran-Iraqi war ends.
  12. Fires in Yellowstone National Park burn over 160,000 acres in one day.
  13. Hurricane Gilbert in the Caribbean & Gulf of Mexico leaves 260 dead.
  14. Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson is stripped of his gold medal after testing positive for banned steroids.
  15. NASA resumes Space Shuttle flights, which have been grounded since the Challenger disaster
  16. George Bush Sr. wins the presidency by a comfortable margin over Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis.
  17. First and only flight of the Soviet space shuttle.
  18. An earthquake in Armenia leaves over 25,000 dead.
  19. Pan American Airlines Flight 103 was blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland, by a bomb believed to have been placed on the aircraft in Frankfurt, West Germany, by Libyan terrorists. All 259 people on board were killed in addition to 11 on the ground.
  20. CDs outsell vinyl for the first time ever.
  21. Summer Olympics in Seoul, South-Korea; Ben Johnson caught for steroids after setting a World Record in the 100 meter dash.
  22. US advertising is permitted on Soviet TV.
  23. The first plutonium pacemaker is made.
  24. Robin Givens files for divorce from Mike Tyson.
  25. Lenny Kravitz marries Lisa Bonet (Now Divorced).
  26. Vanna White can be seen everywhere including lingerie ads in Playboy, and her new book Vanna Speaks.
  27. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore married Nov 21, 1987 (Divorced Oct 18, 2000. Demi married Ashton Kucher Sept 24, 2005 (Ashton was born in 1978)).
  28. Hot Toys: Koosh balls, Jenga, Couch Potato Dolls & talking Pee Wee Herman Dolls.
  29. Johnny Depp gets his start on a show called 21 Jump Street.
  30. Best Video of the Year: “Sledgehammer” Peter Gabriel.
  31. Shelley Long’s character Diane leaves Cheers.
  32. Top Grossing Movie of 1987: Three Men and a Baby.
  33. Cher takes home Best Actress Oscar for Moonstruck
  34. Michael Douglas gets the Best Actor Oscar for Wall Street.
  35. The battle of the “Corey’s” begins – Feldman and Haim.
  36. The greenhouse effect is discovered.
  37. Sonny Bono becomes mayor of Palm Springs (Died in skiing accident in 2005)
  38. Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson got married (and divorced 10/7/95).
  39. “She’s Like The Wind” shows Patrick Swayze can sing as well as dance and act.
  40. Salt N Pepa get their breakthrough hit with “Push It”.
  41. Julia Roberts hits the big screen in her first breakthrough role in Mystic Pizza.
  42. Top grossing film of the year: Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  43. Spuds Mackenzie becomes the original party animal.
  44. Oprah Winfrey is the hottest talk show in America.
  45. The new Suzuki Samurai gets bad reputation for flipping over when turning corners.
  46. Penny Loafers with a penny in them and Levis with the cuffs rolled up were the fashion statements of the year.
  47. U2 records Rattle and Hum album and then later the documentary.

Top 10 Singles of 1988

  1. Faith – George Michael
  2. Need You Tonight – INXS
  3. Got My Mind Set On You – George Harrison
  4. Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley
  5. Sweet Child ‘O Mine – Guns N’ Roses
  6. So Emotional – Whitney Houston
  7. Heaven Is A Place on Earth – Belinda Carlisle
  8. Could’ve Been – Tiffany
  9. Hands to Heaven – Breathe
  10. Roll With It – Steve Winwood

Top 10 Albums of 1988

  1. Faith – George Michael
  2. Tiffany – Tiffany
  3. OU812 – Van Halen
  4. Hysteria – Def Leppard
  5. Appetite for Destruction – Guns n’ Roses
  6. Roll With It – Steve Winwood
  7. Tracy Chapman – Tracy Chapman
  8. New Jersey – Bon Jovi
  9. Rattle And Hum – U2
  10. Giving You The Best That I Got – Anita Baker

1988 Fashion & Style

  • Feathered Hair
  • Rave, tons of it
  • Stick-up bangs
  • Crimped Hair
  • Teased Hair (Big Hair)
  • Frizzy w/Bangs
  • Light Pink Lips
  • Blue Eyeshadow
  • Beauty Moles
  • Ray-Bans
  • 3/4 Sleeves
  • Crop Top
  • Neon
  • Matching Socks
  • Thick Belts
  • Long T-Shirts
  • Leather or Jean Jackets
  • Rolled Sleeves
  • Sleeveless Shirts
  • Ocean Pacific T-Shirts
  • Tight Stonewashed Jeans
  • 3/4 Length Legging
  • Legwarmers
  • Exercise Gear
  • Spandex
  • Stonewashed Jeans
  • Parachute Pants
  • Corduroy Pants

1988: Accessories & Fads

  • Swatches and Swatch Protectors
  • Hoop Earrings
  • High Tops
  • Rubber Bracelets
  • Jellies
  • Big Hair Bows
  • Braces With Color
  • Boom Boxes
  • Rubik Cube
  • Skateboarding
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Video Arcades
  • Break Dancing
  • Cabbage Patch Dolls